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Welcome to Wisconsin's Adult Long Term Care Functional Screen course for clinical screener certification!

This course helps you develop a comprehensive understanding of how the Adult Long Term Care Function Screen (LTC FS) should be administered and completed with consumers interested in applying for Wisconsin's long-term care programs.

The course consists of the following modules:

# Module Estimated Completion Time
 1. Overview of the Adult Long-Term Care Functional Screen 90 minutes
 2. Target Groups 90 minutes
 3. Demographics 60 minutes
 4. Activities of Daily Living and Instrumental Activities of Daily Living 90 minutes
 5. Diagnoses 30 minutes
 6. Health-Related Services Table 120 minutes
 7. Communication and Cognition 60 minutes
 8. Behaviors/Mental Health 60 minutes
 9. Risk 60 minutes
10. Completion of the Adult LTC FS 30 minutes

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Course Modules & Materials

  • Modules must be completed in order, starting with Module 1.

  • The next module will become available AFTER you pass the Exam in the previous module. (i.e., you will not be able to access Module 2 until passing the Exam in Module 1.)

  • Once you successfully pass the exam, a green checkmark will appear next to the module's folder to indicate it has been completed. The next module will then become available. 

  • Access modules (and other areas of this course) by clicking on the item (e.g. Module 1, Module 2, etc.) listed in the right column, under "Program/Course Materials" on your screen.

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Every module includes Instructions, Scenarios, a Practice Test and Exam.

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Fundamental to each module are the clinical instructions for the Adult LTC FS. Read the instructions to successfully complete this course; take time to review them closely.

The instructions are the primary source for your knowledge of how to use the Adult LTC FS. It is critical that you read them carefully!

  • The instructions are available in each course module and as one large comprehensive file on the Course Content page.

  • Print the instructions and read them at your leisure or read them on-line at your computer.

  • Also print a copy of the Adult LTC FS Paper Form to use as a reference as you move through the course. The paper form is available to download from the Course Content page.

Screen Shot: Clinical Instructions



Apply your knowledge of the Adult LTC FS instructions with Scenarios:

  • Meet seven different long-term care consumers and follow the process of completing an Adult LTC FS with each of them and their screeners.

  • Apply your knowledge of screening concepts and principles by answering questions based on the scenarios.

  • Get immediate feedback that guides you back to key parts of the LTC FS instructions.

  • The scenarios are part of each module. You can review the scenarios in each module as you go through the course, or 

  • To view the scenarios in their entirety, they are available as one comprehensive file on the Course Content page.

Practice Test

Before beginning the official Exam for certification, check your understanding with a practice test. Practice tests provide automatic feedback and responses will direct you to related sections of the instructions. The practice tests will help prepare you for the certification exams. It's strongly recommended that you go through the practice tests prior to taking the exams.


You must pass the exam in each module before being able to move onto the next module. A passing score is 80% or higher. There is no time limit to complete each exam. 

Complete exams in order:

  • The Module 1 Overview exam is available for you when you are ready.

  • The Module 2 Target groups exam will be made available when you pass the Overview exam.

    • As you pass each exam in the course, the next module and exam is made available for you to take.

Additional Course Materials

Additional materials and resources are offered to further your knowledge of the long-term care functional screening process:

  • Links/Resources: Explore related web sites and documents. Included is the paper version of the LTC FS, Decision Trees, DHS websites, and other useful resources.

  • FAQs (frequently asked questions): Get answers to commonly asked about this course. 

    • If you do not find the answer to your question in the FAQ, please e-mail your question to DHS at dhsceltc@wisconsin.gov.

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Getting Started

  1. Print a copy of the Adult LTC FS Instructions, especially if you'd like a hard copy to reference while studying scenarios and practice tests. You can either:
  • Print all of the Adult LTC FS instructions now by downloading them from the Course Content page, or

  • Print by module, as you proceed.

  1. Print a copy of the Adult LTC FS Paper Form to use as a reference as you move through the course. Download the form on the Course Content page.

  2. Begin with Module 1: Introduction to the Adult LTC FS. 
  • Within the module, use the materials in the depth and order that fit your learning preferences and pace.
    • Read Instructions to learn screening concepts and principles.

    • Use virtual Scenarios to develop skills in gathering the best information for the LTC FS.

    • Check your understanding with Practice Tests.

  • When you are ready, begin the certification exam.

After passing the first certification exam, proceed to Module 2. Complete each module in order (as outlined above).

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Screener Certification

Only certified screeners may administer the LTC FS. To be certified as a screener, you must:

  1. Administer screens for an agency approved by the Wisconsin Department of Health Services (DHS).

  2. Meet educational and experience requirements:

    • BA or BS and at least one year of experience working with at least one of the agency's target group populations (frail elders or people with disabilities), or

    • Approval from DHS upon written request from employer.

  3. In Home and Community-Based Waiver counties, people screening individuals with developmental disabilities must be a QMRP (Qualified Mental Retardation Professional).

  4. Read and follow ALL of the Adult LTC FS instructions and any updates to them.

  5. Complete this course.

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Course Completion & Certification

Provided you meet all screener certification requirements above, you will be certified to complete the Adult LTC FS with long-term care consumers after you complete this course.

To complete the course:

  1. Pass the course by passing the certification exams.

  2. After you pass your last exam, the Course Completion & Certification survey in Module 10 will become available. To notify the certifying authority at DHS that you have successfully completed this course, you must submit this brief Course Completion & Certification survey.

After you complete the course:

  • A notification will automatically be sent to DHS.

  • A certificate of achievement will be generated for you.  

To gain access to the on-line Adult LTC FS application:

Before you can begin using the LTC FS application, there are specific steps that must be followed in order to gain security clearance. Contact your supervisor or screen liaison for information on how to create an account and request security access to the screen.

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